Can I install and use packages before installing Qubes?

This one’s kinda tricky.

How many here know you can access the terminal (via CTRL+ALT+F2) while in Qubes Installer GUI?
I learned a good deal about how to use a Linux terminal and I’ve been thinking…

Is it possible to install any packages before I install the operating system itself?

Where am I coming from on this?
If anybody knows about random number generator devices, I’ve had my eyes set on one in particular called the Infinite Noise TRNG.

It’s supposed to be the best of the best, basically (Check it out yourself).
However, it needs a driver to run it and, typically, you can’t do that until you install a Linux operating system if you don’t know anything about Linux beyond operating the graphical interface.

What I hope to do is access the terminal, once the installer GUI boots up,
then use commands to compile and install the software then I can use the TRNG to
write random bits to my storage drives before I encrypt them for installation - making for a much more secure full-disk encrypted install.

Of course, there’s the question.
Can I install packages and use them before actually installing the Qubes operating system?

I’ve done it before with other live-boot distros, I just wanna make sure if its possible with Qubes.

It’s possible to get a shell before/while Qubes OS is installing - but I think you would need to make your own install medium … since I don’t think the current installer includes the build tools you would need to compile the software prior to installing Qubes OS.

To build a custom install medium (where you could include the software for the “Infinite Noise TRNG”), take a look on: