Can i add more storage to the pool in Qubes 4.1

Hi im using the Nitropad with Qubes Os 4.1 and wondering whats the easiest way of adding more storage space? I bought this computer for testing this os and after a while i started to like it and now i regret that i didnt bought more than 120gb ssd on it.

Is this possible, add storage with sd card? iIf yes what is the maximum sdcard i can use?
External SSD is it possible to make it like raid disk both ewith external and sdcard solution in some way?
Quest 3 how to do this? atm i have alot of big sd cards never used but would be happy to try it out. But want them to be included in the storage pool they will not be disconnected,

Any good guide to make this or is the easiest wat to reinstall the OS and then make the custom pool function and make it there? Im not sure how that works but i saw it when i upgraded the computer.

Nitrokey x230
Qubes 4.1

Or is there any other solutiion you guys might have?

Yes, you can.

But I’d always replace original SSD with the bigger one (and yes, install the Qubes from the scratch).
I’d also always buy a small original SSD like you did, because it’s a lot cheaper to replace it yourself with the bigger one then to order the laptop with the same big one. It’s the same with RAM, of course when they’re not soldered.

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Thanks alot i will check it out right now and see if i manage to see but i want to buy a bigger SSD dont know how big this one handles but im going to buy nitropc i belive or do u have any tip on a perfect spec for qubes os?

I like the nitropc it can handle alot of space for the harddrive and at same time i belive 200gb ram if im not wrong.

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Hi wqroo

Like enmus I’d replace original SSD with a bigger one. Install the Qubes from the scratch safest. Or could try use qubes backup before SSD replace and qubes restore after fresh install to new SSD.

Looked at NitroPad X230 | under Hard Disk (SATA) up to max 2 TB SSD options listed. Brand and model not said. In past Sven recommended

When I find money tree :dollar: :evergreen_tree: hope get professional grade SSD. My $0.02

btw @wqroo welcome to forum! :laughing:

Know probably ask enmus but since ask. Perfect not know. My dream 200gb+ ram machine is KGPE-D16 with Dasharo based Heads. Sorry if off-topic.

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