Cake wallet wit qubes os issue

i am having problems installing cakewallet in fedora says runtime is required to install cake wallet through flatpak. how do i install runtime in fedora? does installing runtime negatively impact qubes / fedora vm? if not can someone help me with installing runtime?

If you use flatpak to install cakewallet, it should also install the runtime (just dependencies required for it to work, this is perfectly normal). Flatpak uses its own libraries (aka runtime) instead of using Fedora’s libs.

i get error message saying runtime is not installed, what is the command to install flatpak? maybe i did something wrong? i should be running these commands in the fedora template yes?

could you start by sharing what you are actually trying in the terminal, and in which qube? :slight_smile:

i am trying in a clone fedora template i use for programs
to install flatpak i ran the command: sudo dnf install flatpak
i see here it says that epiphany-runtime is installed
but when i try to open the program in the appvm to install it using software i get this error

the application com.cakewallet.CakeWallet/x86_64/master requires the runtime org.freedesktop.Platform/x86_64/22.08 which was not found.

the same error also occurs when trying to install in the fedora template