Cake Wallet App Menu?

Im trying to use cake wallet on a whnoix appVM I can successfully run cake wallet however I only know how do this on the terminal by, rather then the app menu.
So does anyone know exactly know how I could get cake wallet on the App menu rather then having to type this out in a terminal every time?

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You need to create a .desktop file to get an entry in the menu:

On your AppVM create a file:

$ touch ~/.local/share/applications/cake.desktop

Populate this empty file with the following contents:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Cake Wallet
Comment=Store, Send and Receive Monero

Replace with whereever you’ve unzipped the the tar.xz file. For example, if it is under a cake-wallet folder which is under your home folder, you should use this:


After that save and quit the file. Lastly, you should open your AppVM’s settings > Applications > Refresh applications

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