Built in SIM card

Would a built in SIM card slot, need to be enabled in sys-net or sys-usb?

I don’t know how.its integrated but I would assume PCI. However it could.be usb. It’s built into the back of the laptop.

Also, identifying it in the “devices” tab is difficult. Are there any commands I can run to try help identify it?,

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The answer should be easy. If it’s PCI then leave it to dom0, If it’s on an USB controller, then pass it to sys-usb.

Simple lspci in dom0 terminal should help you (us) to be more precise.

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So I have a realtek NIC already on sys-usb but no connection. Do I attach this to sys-net or sys-firewall to get a connection?

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Alternatively, you can proxy the specific device from sys-usb to sys-net using the “Qubes Devices” menu (the one with the usb drive icon). That way you won’t expose all usb controllers to the net.

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