Building desktop for qubes with coreboot question

I am thinking about building a desktop computer for qubes with coreboot support the motherboard i am considering is the asus P8H77-V motherboard and the intel i7-2600 cpu i was wondering if anyone here has a setup similar to this running qubes without issues

If it’s not in the HCL, nobody knows for sure if it will work.

You can look for a similar hardware in the link for a guess, but there can be no guarantee until someone tries it.

Greetings ant!

Nice! Quick search lead to ASUS P8Z77-V β€” coreboot 4.18-851-ge233fc7ac1 documentation and remind me of Hewlett-Packard Compaq 8200 Elite SFF

@fsflover is of course correct

But I say Go For It and let us know how it goes. If I own I would try fwiw.

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