Building archlinux - Upstream issue

I am trying to build a new archlinux template ( An built one successfully after some manual modifications), however, I detected a weird issue (that break the template building):

The default archlinux mirrors are not up to date.
Example below:
$: wget
give me a up to date database file
$: wget
give me a outdated database file (by many days)
The consequence is that for pacman there is no update to do (the “http” version is the first entry of the default mirrorlist)

Someone is aware of the issue / can confirm ?

Can confirm.
Status changes and is having a hard time atm.
Look at Arch Linux - Mirror Status
Change the mirror list to use mirrors with a mirror score of 0.

Thanks :slight_smile: manually modifying the mirrorlist make it work

Found this pacman issue and added a comment: FS#61497 : Add a timestamp file to repos
I believe it is in the scope of pacman to find a good mirror among the one available.

Mirrors always go up and down, tbh. has been pretty good for a while now.

FWIW, there’s also this PR that replaces all http mirrors with https ones (among other things), but it hasn’t been merged yet.

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I was contemplating making this a separate thread, but hey, here it is.

Archlinux appears to have moved on to Python 3.10, thus breaking the current versions of the qubes packages.

Not a criticism, just a notification :slight_smile: