Building a (ryzen and nvidia) PC for Qubes OS

Hey all,
I’m planning on building a new pc in the near future and would like to run qubes os I’ll probably wait for the next generation of ryzen processors and get one of the beefier chips (the equivalent of the current 7900x or 7950x).

I’m also interested in playing some games and running some LLM models locally so I’ll probably get an old RTX3090 (the greater VRAM is a big advantage for running LLMs and the open source mixtral model has some really clever tech which allows parts of the model to be swapped between RAM and VRAM allowing the full model to be run despite the full thing not fitting into VRAM).

However, from what I have seen Qubes prefers intel IGPU’s or older AMD graphics cards, I’m also guessing from that it may also have issues with cutting edge CPU’s as well. Does anyone have experience running a ryzen CPU with an Nvidia GPU and/or can tell me what issues I can expect.


I also have a laptop with 16gb of ram a i7 10750H and a 1650ti, does anyone know how possible running qubes on that would be (I’ve heard people say that a lot of cores/ram is required but I’m not clear how much “a lot” is) ? Thanks,