Btrfs Made TemplateVM Disappear (no such domain: 'fedora-33-minimal')

  • Install qubes 4.0.4. Use custom partitioning → use btrfs and let the installer partition the SSD automatically. Reboot and login to the new installation of Qubes OS.
  • Edit /etc/fstab and set mount option of the btrfs partition as subvol=root,xsystemd.device-timeout=0,noatime,compress,autodefrag. Reboot.
  • sudo qubes-dom-update qubes-tmplate-fedora-33-minimal
  • start the fedora-33-minimal template
  • template disappears
  • cannot start it with qvm-run -u root fedora-33-minimal xterm. The error is qvm-run: error: no such domain: 'fedora-33-minimal'

Can Qubes OS 4.0.4 work with btrfs?

dnf remove qubes-template-fedora-33-minimal gives this error:

    error: No Qube with this name exists
Error in PREUN scriptlet in rpm package qubes-template-fedora-33-minimal
    noarch was supposed to be removed but is not!
  Verifying ...

I can’t remove and reinstall that template.

(editing title for clarity)

What happens if you revert /etc/fstab to what the installer set it up as?

I also set chattr +C to the home directory of dom0 and /var/lib/qubes. Since I have reinstalled over lvm+ext4 now, I don’t know.

chattr +C disables copy-on-write. That won’t actually help in Qubes OS due to reflinks, but it should not cause what you saw either. BTRFS bug?