Btrfs for template/appvm

for some reason I’m not able to reply to this post: btrfs for template/appvm

Yeah… btrfs on top of btrfs sounds weird…
LVM uses LV’s
btrfs uses subvolumes

Why not give every template/appvm their own subvolume(s)/snapshot(s)? Just as every template/appvm get their own LV’s with LVM.
An added advantage would be: let’s say we have a couple debian templates (5-10Gb each), and a couple debian-minimal templates (1.5-1.6Gb each). In LVM the total amount of space needed would be the sum total of all space used. In btrfs the total amount of space used would be equal to the largest template + the differences between the templates.

I am not sure if this would give security issues (will an appvm have access outside it’s subvolume?)

Any luck?

I learned about btrfs last week, have dom0 now in btrfs. I would like to learn how to use btrfs for my template/appvm’s too. But I have no idea where to start…
Tips/directions are appreciated. Thanks!

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Take a look at here