BTRFS checksum error at x in private.img

Hello fellow qubes users,

due to a instable system my PC managed to do an unexpected reboot. That got me a uncorrectable error in Qubes in one of my private.img
Is there a way to find out what file exactly is affected?
Currently i’m doing a md5sum over all files on this Appvm and on the ones on my backup disk to see what’s what.
I was wondering if there’s a better way to solve this.

Have a nice day

You can try to revert the private volume:

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I got one I/O error just by md5suming over all files. That’s probably the one.

System instability with random reboots and storage checksum errors sounds a lot like bad RAM and/or overheating. My go-to for looking into that is MPrime’s “Blend” torture test.

(To be clear, a hard reboot should not cause storage checksum errors, unless the drive firmware is bad. It’s usually more like: the reboots and the storage corruption share the same cause.)

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Checks out with a wrong/lower RAM frequency which seems to have made the system too unstable

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