Browser multi-tab

Hi guys,
I’ve been trying to get into Qubes for about 4 years now
Last time I manage to get it working I saw that in any browser, when opening a new tab, Qubes opens a new window … which is very problematic as I work with 3 browsers, about 5 windows each, and about 10 to 30 tabs each.
No, I don’t need 100% at all times, but at least half of it
The discussion at the time went like: It won’t change, it’s a matter of security !
But I’m still not convinced about any security advantage to not allow multi-tabs in a single browser window (If I need to separate two tabs, then I will choose to open it in a new window)
I’m about to give a new (4.2.RC1) try but before that, I’d like to know if this problem has been solved (Qubes allowing multi-tabs) or still a no-go ? (then I will need to boot to another OS to be able to work, and come back to Qubes for … not working.
My partitioning and configuration will depend on that.
Thks !

What browser are you using?
I’ve been using Firefox on Qubes for years and have never seen this behavior.

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I’ve also checked with my network and no one reports ever seeing this behaviour.

@Erica.vH - it looks as if you should be good to go with giving 4.2.1 a try.

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It was Firefox
Now I’m using Brave, FF, Tor, Librewolf, …

Yes, as seen in a parallel pôst, all data (from this forum) about this subject are gones ,
It was FF and I wasn’t the only one, but a minority

So yu ae saying that now tabs opens inthe same window ? Good !!
Thank you all :slight_smile: