Brother printer drivers installed - will not print on ethernet

My Brother DCP-L2550DW printer, connected on USB and which was working fine with Qubes 4.1, will not as yet work on a new-from-scratch installation of 4.1.1. I believe, that I have done the setup just as in past. As a bit of background I only use the printer on the one Qubes computer, turning it on and attaching it through the Qubes Devices widget, when occasional printing is to be done. In past I have been using the printer via a debian-11 hvm template. But in 4.1.1 I have been trying to set the printer up as in past (I think), but on the pvh debian template. This morning though I did also clone the pvh template and change the clone to hvm, with the subsequent result of still no printing or scanning. Reading another thread here, I have enabled cups in both the template and working VM, with still no printing.

Installation procedure used:
Networking temporarily installed on the template VM to add simple-scan program and then to install the Brother printer drivers. After installation, networking was set back to None. The printer and scanner installation tool, downloaded into the personal VM, for the printer from the Brother site was gunzipped, copied to the template VM, moved to Downloads. Then with the printer attached to the template, the driver tool was run in Terminal with: sudo bash linux-brprinter-installer-2.2.3-1 , rejecting the option “Specify a URI?” because I was using USB, as per the Brother instructions, which I’ve used many times successfully in the past.
As in past installations, I have modified lib/udev/rules.d/60-libsane1.rules with vim, adding the following lines for Brother scanners:
#Brother scanners
ATTRS{idVendor}==“04f9”, ENV{libsane_matched}=“yes”

A check of the lib64 folder shows the file and also the sane folder, which holds , and

The default printer driver was set with the gui to DCPL2550DW in Print Settings and the computer was rebooted. I have also tried the available Generic-CUPS-BRF-Printer driver as the default driver. By past experience all should then have worked. Printer can be attached to personal VM using the widget in Qubes Devices, showing a successful attachment. Then in Terminal on the personal VM,
lsusb produces:
Bus 002 Device 002: ID 04f9:0424 Brother Industries, Ltd DCP-L2550DW series

dpkg -l | grep Brother in the personal VM Terminal produces:
brscan-skey 0.3.1-2 amd64 Brother Linux scanner S-KEY tool
ii brscan4 0.4.11-1 amd64 Brother Scanner Driver
ii dcpl2550dwpdrv:i386 4.0.0-1 i386 Brother DCP-L2550DW printer driver (lpd/cups)

Opening Print Settings shows the printer connected to the Network.

All attempts to print from a file from libreoffice or through Firefox appear to be proceeding just fine, except that actual printing doesn’t occur. The yellow printer icon appears on the top menu bar, and I can then cancel the print process to try again, but with no subsequent printing done.

For scanning, I open Document Scanner from the Qubes Menu and my Brother DCP-L2550DW appears in the window as being present. But when I press Scan an error message appears, “Failed to scan. Unable to connect to scanner”

I’m stumped. Might I need a chmod somewhere? In Qube Settings there are no special firewall rules added, in Devices there are no devices transferred across from Available to Selected and in Services there are only the updating and cups additions listed.

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By the way, I am going to revert now back to the Brother default printer driver and to the pvh template, so that i will be comparing apples to apples, for any suggestions. Many thanks.

Update: In the working VM’s Firefox, I entered: http://localhost:631/printers
and it spewed out, Queue name and Description of DCPL2550DW, Make and Model of Brother DCPL2550DW for CUPS and Status of Idle. The printer seems to be there, but still won’t print.

This is giving me fits, I’m afraid. Because the printer worked fine in 4.1 I’m considering dumping my 4.1.1 installation and going back to 4.1, to see if I can get the Brother printer to work as before. Out of interest firstly though, has anyone gotten a Brother printer to work in 4.1.1 using USB, with the printer attached to a working VM through the Qubes Devices widget? cheers