BOOTX64.EFI.RPMNEW in /boot/efi/boot/, should I replace this file?

Hi all, after updating dom0, I got a new file in /boot/efi/boot called BOOTX64.EFI.RPMNEW. Should I replace bootx64.efi with it? Does this have security implications?

This is the drive’s UEFI default image location. It’s only used if you choose to boot from just “the drive” in the computer’s boot menu, instead of from a specific boot entry like the one labeled Qubes OS. It can be helpful as a fallback so that you are still able to boot Qubes OS in case the specific boot entry ever disappears (e.g. due to having temporarily unplugged the drive), or if you move the drive into a different computer.

There appears to be some other file in this location, so Qubes OS did not automatically overwrite it. Unless you still have another OS there (that you want to boot by selecting the drive, rather than the specific boot entry for that OS), it should be okay to replace it manually. But it’s not necessary to do that if you’re unsure.

A different reason why there could be an existing file: Maybe you once copied EFI/qubes/grubx64.efi to EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI yourself in order to sort out UEFI booting problems? In that case you can definitely replace the stale file, and from then on Qubes OS will automatically take care of keeping the file up to date.

Oh okay, thanks a lot for your explanation. I will find what bootloader this corresponds to I guess. Closing when I get back to my PC