Bootloader on usb, makes it slow?

So I did a custom install of qubes os using this guide.

Where I chose a USB 3 device for /boot
And internal hdd’s /dev/sda3 with luks for /

However, I could not set the Device type to LVM thin provisioning, it was greyed out at standard partition. And I also didn’t made swap as I have more than 16 gigs of ram.

But response I’m getting while using the VMs is 4-5 times slower than what I was getting with bootloader on the hdd.

Putting the /boot on the usb drive, can’t really make it this slow, can it?
If so, what’s the issue?

I also have windows 10 and parrot os directly installed on the hdd with dual boot. And that’s the reason I wanted the bootloader of qubes os to be on an external USB device. For security reasons, of course.

This is not necessarily a lot for Qubes. It depends how many VMs you are running simultaneously. Sometimes it was not enough for me and my machine was going to swap.