Boot qubes vm form physical

is it possible to boot a standalone qubes using a physical drive with a os alredy installed and not from the default virtual drive ?

What is default virtual drive?

It’s possible to have Qubes OS and any other OS installed on the same drive. With UEFI it is very easy nowadays. But you will have to reboot PC to change the booted OS and only one OS can be working at the time obviously.

my explain is probably bad,

is possible to start a vm on qubes using a real hard drive,

for example , i have a fresh ubuntu installed on a usb key, can i boot it as a vm on qubes ?

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You can try to do that by creating standalone VM and booting it from external device (Windows is installed in qubes of Qubes OS that way).

i have try (using the gui) but is say no bootable media found even with just an iso file

ok i try to change the settings of vm and now i can boot form iso , but when i try from flashed usb kee or from a installed os i have a error 04 on the “bios like screen”

does boot from dvd support booting from bootable usb key or real os ?

there is a way to connect usb disks by default on a normal boot ?

Did you try to connect the whole USB controller to the VM, to make it boot from a USB stick? It can be done in the VM Settings, Devices tab. Beware if you have a USB keyboard: you might loose control over your system.

hmm even if this work i’ll not try this because like all my devices are on usb and this method can’ works with internal hard drive ,
and this is my goal

enventually this may be a good idea, does quebs detect usb hub as “devices” an can we give to a vm the contron of a usb hub, these are good idea to try

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