Boot loop on kernel 5.17.5-1

I’m using kernel-latest, which is at the moment 5.17.5-1 and Xen 4.14.5.
I can’t boot it in dom0, and I’m rather stuck in a boot loop at the grub bootloader screen trying to boot into 5.17.5-1 (it tries to load it, blank screen with a cursor blinking in the upper left corner of the screen for several seconds, then reboot), so I have to boot to
All of my qubes are using 5.17.5-1 without a problem.
Can’t find anything in logs, of course and no message can be caught during the sequence.

What could be the reason?

Nothing suggested can be worse than having no clue where to start to diagnose from. So, please, at least say - I have no idea!

Did you try to boot from bare-metal fedora/debian with kernel 5.17.5-1? Maybe there is some problem with drivers?

I didn’t. Probably it didn’t occur to me since VMs are working flawlessly, so I probably thought it doesn’t have to do anything with drivers…
I’ll try, thanks.

Well, after only 10 days we got new kernel latest (from 5.17.5 to 5.17.7) and now it work flawlessly, which makes me think there was some major incompatibility with my hardware or more likely a bug in kernel which produced such a quick upgrade.