Boot from USB key during install goes into a loop

I’m trying to install Qubes on a Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 Alpha - Intel Core I7, 16GB RAM

When trying to boot from USB I see the attached screen flash for a quick second then it goes completely black and goes back into the boot sequence. This continues indefinitely. Any assistance would be appreciated
Screenshot 2021-10-12 221510

according to your image, i only can see 2 error

  • unrecognized cpu model
  • vt-d is not fully enabled (maybe?)

there error may not cause the problem, i need more information on this
can you press F2 repeatedly before samsung logo appear (or press power button while press F2 repeatedly)

thx for your response. I can try to do that. what will that do?

it will enter the bios, since i never seen a samsung bios before, i need to see how it look like (it definitely have graphical interface with some text)