Bluetooth mouse becomes inactive after short inactivity

I am new here and try to check if Qubes will fit my needs.

I use an LG Gram, so a common Intel setup.

I’ve already managed to set up my bluetooth mouse in sys-net.
I have a sys-usb cube.
Currently, I assign the bluetooth device via the device manager from sys-usb to sys-net in the control panel.
For testing purposes, my /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/qubes.InputMouse contains:

sys-net dom0 allow
sys-usb dom0 allow

This works, but I have the following issue:
As long as I move the mouse (right after connect), everything is fine. But when I pause mouse movement just a couple of seconds, the mouse stops working. So the cursor does not move anymore. When the mouse is reconnected or even the visibility of the bluetooth adapter is changed (via sys-net settings) the mouse is working again until I pause mouse movement again.

Does anyone have a clue?

Best regards

Check the log in sys-net using sudo journalctl -b command. Maybe there is some issue with bluetooth driver/firmware in sys-net and it’s crashing or something.
Maybe you can try to use newer kernel version or bluetooth firmware in sys-net.
Also why are you attaching bluetooth controller from sys-usb to sys-net if you’re using it for mouse?

Thanks for the fast answer.

I am starting the blueman-manager within the sys-usb qube now and it is working without any problems now.

Thanks for the hint and best regards.