Bluetooth and VPN Guides

As promised, here are the guides:

Yes, they are that short and therefore quick to implement. :smiley:


Thank you for the nice guides @aronowski!

Unfortunately this is not a secure way of using Bluetooth. By default, PulseAudio runs in dom0, making the Bluetooth isolation fragile. For a proper compartmentalization, it should run it in a dedicated sys-audio qube. Configuring it is not very user-friendly yet.

Your guide can still help people who are aware of possible security problems and choose such path. You may want to add a note about it to the guide.

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Concerning the VPN, did you see the long discussion of the problems with the guides? I honestly don’t have sufficient knowledge to comment on that.

At this point I have the following thoughts:

  • the creation of sys-audio doesn’t work for me - I only get Python exceptions when running sudo qubesctl state.sls qvm.sys-audio.
    Maybe this guide will help me.
  • I have a spare laptop that I’m using for testing and saw something related to that in Anaconda. Maybe it got created automatically but I cannot see such domain running there. Also, I can pgrep pulseaudio from dom0.
  • I saw this discussion and maybe it would be a better idea to completely rewrite this guide rather than let this relic of the past confuse users.
  • The PRs are not accepted yet, my contributions need more polish and therefore I can freely add new things if necessary.

What do you think @fsflover?

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So I just need to install blueman and can use bluettoth mouse?

As the short guide says :smiley:

Just installed blueman on my minimal based sys-usb template, reset the sys-usb and not have any new try icon. Should I also install some qubes-agent package? Also how I should make pairing info persistant if sys-usb is disposable?

What happens if you run blueman-applet in your sys-usb?

Also how I should make pairing info persistant if sys-usb is disposable?

That’s naturally contradictory. The solution I’m thinking about right now is to make sys-usb not disposable - I did something similar for my sys-net but the other way around I can assist you in this - and double-check on my test laptop.

I will check what happens after work. If I try run-applet as an user I have many errors and it shuts. When trying as root it shows two tray icons, and shuts after trying to enable bluetooth. There is many gtk errors/warnings which I think are not so important. So I will back to this later when I will have more time as I wrote before.

Good point, added appropriate information.

I tried to set up the AudioVM with the guide I linked earlier but it resulted with no sound at all. At this point for me it’s not user friendly vs user unfriendly but it works vs it doesn’t work.
Wish there was an SOP for that that just works.

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