Blocking Google Telemetry in Android Qube

I was able to install Android using @unman’s guide here:

The problem is Google keeps deactivating accounts connected thru Tor.
Is there a degoogled/Graphene analog that works with Qubes?

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Well this can be a project “Degoogling”.

First which Android OS do you have, because “THEY” make huge changes in the OS to stop us “ROOTERS”. Believe me I know, actually have BRICKED a few of my tablets on my quest for knowledge “LOL”. But once you have a “ROOTED” tablet it’s life changing.

If you have or can get root access in this Android OS you can do it yourself and no need for a “special Android OS” that works in your Qube. You need to block things like Google frameworks but that can cause you lots of issues from accessing a Google account or their Google software.
If you are not comfortable enough to try ROOTING the OS. I would do things like a VPN or your firewall. I know there is a way to do a “mock” location but i have never looked that deep into it.

I would try to answer the question:
How do they “Google” know you are using TOR? Then go from their on this.

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Exit tracking when connecting to their services. At least, I hope that’s the limit of their power.

Not answering the OP’s question directly:

I would be curious if a PiHole running in an adjacent Qube (before Droid VM hits the internet) could eat Google’s DNS entries. It runs the risk of missing some of their domains, might be easier than reverse engineering Droid. Presuming one wants to block all that is Google anyway.

Alternatively: Use PiHole to point Google DNS entries to a local IP that routes the connection out to a clean exit IP when accessing Google (should you want to retain access to Google services on the Droid).