Bliss OS no internet connection

I have installed Bliss OS as a standalone vm, but there is no internet connection.

I also tried Android x86 in live mode and there is internet connection out-of-the-box.

There is no option to configure wi-fi in Bliss OS either. But I know Android x86 can be configured via terminal when trying to set up custom Whonix workstation:

But the problem is there is no wlan0 when executing ip a only eth0

I cannot boot Bliss OS in regular mode, I have to choose VirtuaBox option from the boot menu, so maybe that is the problem?

  1. Which NetVM do you have connected to the standalone VM?
  2. Which network connection do you use on your device WLAN or LAN?
  3. Do you have an internet connection in other app VMs?
  4. Which IPs does the dom0 command qvm-ls -n return?
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Friendly reminder that the topic os this forum is Qubes OS, not Whonix, not Bliss OS.

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For Bliss OS specifically?

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Unfortunately I am not familiar with this OS, but perhaps you should try “sys-firewall” as “NetVM” and not the VPN Qube.

However, this is very important, as the output of qvm-ls -n your-blissOS-vm IP: Gateway: should be entered in the Network Manger of the StandaloneVM. Without this option you will not be able to establish a network connection.