Blank Screen at install

I know this issue comes up often, but I cannot seem to overcome it with the UEFI troubleshooting guide.

USB boots, runs through standard linux boot text and then the screen goes blank. I have tried editing the iso, using an 8gb fat32 formatted usb stick. There is no external monitor around so I cannot try that.

Lenovo Legion 5 laptop.
Nvidia 3060 dGPU

Any thoughts?

try using uefi + discrete only gpu.

Adding a discrete gpu (a simple GT730 did it for me), although in my case it is a desktop/workstation with intel graphics and I see your laptop already have a discrete gpu.
if you’re using more then one screen, be aware that I’m having a blank screen problem every time I start up the computer (from shutdown) and the solution I found is to disconnect one screen, let the OS start pass login and only then reconnect the second screen. not ideal but I don’t have the time to troubleshoot it further.

Still no joy after trying this.

I cant add another gpu to a laptop and I am only trying to get the installer to load onto one screen.