Blank Screen After 4.1.1 install, no multiboot header

4.1.0 worked

upgraded to 4.1.1, wouldn’t boot except prior kernel after rescue, able to backup

did reinstall 4.1.1

same problem but no previous kernel to boot into

Loading Xen 4.14.5 config
error: no multiboot header found
Loading Linux 5.10.4…
Error: you need to load the kernel first

with reinstall without full encryption, it boots fine, but need encryption, and after reinstall with encryption nothing works, blank screen again

I was able to boot into a previous kernel

Starting cryptography set(strange numbers and symbols)

Dependency Failed for Local Encrypted Volume

Warning timeout

wont start

It would probably help, if you told us what your hardware is.

4.1.0 ran fine

I now use 4.0.4 which is worse

4.1.1 is what messed it up

I would prefer not to post my hardware. It creates a profile making it easier to compromise my network and infect me in the future. I think the new kernel is doing this.

What is the easiest work around?

I am getting new error messages as well.

Could a USB device in qubes have escaped and modified firmware?

Both the update from 4.1.0 and fresh 4.1.1 fail with encryption. Fine without that.

Dont have a blank screen but i’m also having issues with booting on full disk encryption since the upgrade on a x230. Dont on other hardware though. Currently looking into if its related to heads (which it most likely is). Will revert.

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its the encryption. how do i revert? 4.04 is so old it is hard to update

Maybe you should try to edit grub (press E on the blue screen), and while in Emacs, to delete everything until the first menuentry with the kernel you think it might work, then CTRL+x to load chosen kernel. This is how it works for me. Keep the first line in grub, though…