Black Screen then CPU restarts

After successfully booting Qubes from USB on my laptop, my desktop no longer will load Qubes from the same usb drive. I get to this screen :point_down: where I enter my disk encryption password, press enter, it loads for a few seconds, then it goes to a black screen and the computer restarts. I have been booting from USB on this desktop for months, its only since I booted from the laptop today that I’ve had this issue. Any tips?

P.S. Just sent some XMR to Qubes donation address

Could you press Esc at that screen, enter your password in the text mode and tell us which errors it gives?

Just to make it clear:

  • You can boot the USB drive on your laptop without issue (?)
  • It’s “only” an issue to boot the drive, when it’s back in you desktop (?)

When you try the advise from fsflover, is there a 5s delay from the last message, before the reboot?

Correct, the laptop boots without issue. Its only an issue when booting on the desktop. After entering my password, it starts loading for about 4 seconds then computer restarts. There is no 5 second delay after the last message before reboot.

Can you try booting with


added to the xen line in GRUB (just a one time edit)?

It’s a longshot, because I think there should be a 5s delay when it’s xen that reboots … but just to make sure.

I will try when i get home later. Thx.

Where would i find GRUB to edit? Here is a screen shot of the last lines before the system reboots.

It is not starting “Command Scheduler”, " Light display manager" or “Hold until boot process finishes up”. (The last 3 lines of a succesful boot from my laptop)

I think it has something to do with the change in screen resolution when I booted to my laptop.

On this screen press e and you’ll enter grub. Don read screenshot, it’s the same design when starting Qubes.

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Adding noreboot=1 in GRUB did not change anything. System still reboots.