Black screen and curser when booting up qubes

So to start off I just got a new x1 carbon I decided to use for qubes and it’s my first time downloading it I finally got it downloaded through Rufus and put into a new usb drive I got today once I downloaded everything I tried to boot up off the 64gb usb drive but it wouldn’t turns out it is because I had secure boot turned on once I turned it off the usb would boot and in the upperhand corner it says installing qubes for a second then the entire screen goes black and all that shows up is the curser. Does anyone have ideas on what I did wrong? Thank you I have been working on this problem for hours

Hi @QubesNewbs1, which X1 Carbon do you have?

The 5th generation should install without any issues.

But we also have all the other X1 Carbon generations in the HCL and folks are running Qubes OS on it. So you could lookup your generation in that list and click on the name of the reporter – that will bring you to their post. With some luck the answer to your issues is already there. If not, reply in that thread and describe your issue.