Black screen after hibernate


If I close my laptop, sometimes the fans are still running in closed status. If I then open it again, I get black screen with fan running full power after hibernate. The only thing I can do, is to press the power button for a long time and to shut it down. But it happens just sometime, not always. I could not reconstruct the issue for sure.

I’m running atest QubesOS on Thinkpad W530 and I had no such problems earlier with that machine.
I did nothing special, just regular updates for dom0. So maby some updates cause this problem.

Bets regards

Same here today with my Lenovo P50. Will check this again in the evening and if it happens again, I guess there has been changed somethings during the last upgrades.

nobody else with this issue? Could there be any workaround?

Still having the issue also, but was facing such things a few times in the past and most of them where gone after some dom0 updates.

hope so!

hi, im having this issue as well. Im on the latest stable version of qubes.

Im running a lenovo legion i5. What i noticed is that the backlights are not functional whenever i wake up from hibernate. If i flash a light at the screen i can see that its on - just the back lights are not working so its unusable. I have no sleep option for my system. only hibernate and shutdown. Any work arounds for this?

meanwhile I’m on on an older Tuxedo Laptop, the basis is some Clevo N250BU as it seems. The problem stays, but the fans don’t run as on W530. The screen suppose to be on. In my case the backlights are also on.

hmm thats strange. I havent had any issues with fans yet. Just backlighting and significant battery drain - probably a cpu firmware issue