Better way to restart tool bar when it crash

I see some post talking about tool bar crashing/Disappear.
I regularly have this problem and i just type xfce4-panel in Dom0 Terminal and it goes back.
BUT went i do that all my icon not came back.(For example: I have a icone for my vpn VM -the cumputer with a padlock-). This is annoying because i can’t restart my vpn and other stuff.

Do you now a solution that make my icon goes back when i restart xfce4-panel ?
I don’t now if i am clear…

Thanks for your help !

PS: Or if you now a solution that make my toolbar not crashing at all i will take it too !

Try xfce4-panel --restart
It will restart the current instance instead of starting a new one.

To fix it entirely you could try exploring some other ways. I provided a solution here: [4.1] Xfce menu vanished - #5 by BEBF738VD

Another solution here: Panel disappeared - #6 by monocle


I will look at that !

Whatever solution to bring back the panel would be, most probably notification area will miss network related icons.

Bring them back with, for example…

[user@dom0 ~]$ qvm-run sys-net “pkill nm-applet; nm-aplet”
user@dom0 ~]$ qvm-run sys-whonix “pkill sdwdate-gui; sdwdate-gui”
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