Best way to search for files in dom0

thunar has no search

i am trying to find the “other” folder so i can just delete menu items

i can’t install nautilus in dom0. i know it’s a bad idea, but there’s no search!

I am not sure if I understood correctly, but is ls -R | grep [name of folder] an option?

If you are OK with mc (Midnight Commander - Wikipedia), you can install it in dom0:

sudo qubes-dom0-update mc

Then you can use it for searching files. It has minimal dependencies.

Avoid installing nautilus or other gnome-related stuff with huge amount of deps, it’s never good.


There is a search in dom0 -it’s a CLI tool called find, and is
documented with man find. Also many online guides.

By default it searches current directory.
Exclude directory with -path X -prune
Search for just directory with -type d
Search by name with -name ..

So find -type d -name other will search current directory for
directories named “other”.
Wild cards are available - -name "*other*" would find ./another,
./brothers, ./bothered, etc