Best way to install Windows app

Hey everyone hope you’re going well.
I would like yo know what is the best way to run specific Windows App, I know how to install Windows on a StandaloneVm but would like to install only specific app on a qube if it’s possible.

Thanks guys.

You clone your Windows VM and remove everything from the clone except one app? Or, if your Windows app works in Wine, you can try to install it in a Linux qube.

Hmm is it performant ? (Not about wine)


Create Windows template, then windows dvm template based on it, and then run the app in a windows dispVM?

Sounds good but how can you create a Windows Template a DispVM of it ? I was only able to create a StandaloneVM

Just use standard procedure for creating templates while installing windows and then take into consideration

Perfect thank you

You are welcome. I’m not sure if that is what you genuinely needed, but as a method per se, it works.