Best way to install a deb into a standard template

I wonder what would be the best way to install a deb (in my case Remarkable - Download for Linux) and get regular updates.

It is not available in the standard debian repo.
I cannot see any repo which I can manually add to the /etc/apt/... files
I do not want to make a standalone for this app.
I want to use it in an (standard) AppVM without network (therefore I would like to have it my debian template).

When I add an external repo, I clone the debian-11 template for it. So debian-11-github or whatever.

Using apt install instead of dpkg -i for the deb should add the external repo as well, re updates? But this might depend upon the deb - it worked for me with Visual Studio Code.

Thanks, I will give it a try!

This thread might help:

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Perfect :blush:
… I need some time to read…
Thanks a lot!

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My recommended way to install standalone .deb without any way to systematically updating them is using a standalone. See the last part of the above-linked tutorial.

Yes, but then I end up with many standalone Appvms. I will wait for Sven’s minimal template with salt how to…

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You can also follow the same instructions to install it in a template. But then that easily out-of-date software without being signed by a distro can compromise your template.

Just make your judgement on what’s best. the minimal template + salt also sounds good.