Best Way to Create Windows VM in Qubes 4.2?

I imported a prior Windows VM I created with qubes-windows-tool and it keeps restarting after an hour. I will have to create a new Windows Qube.

What is the current standard way to do this in 4.2 and does it differ in any way from 4.1? If the documentation for 4.1 is good then I can just use that.


R4.2 is the first version that does not support QWT out of the box until the issue with the packaging is fixed. Except that I think docs for R4.1 are fine.

So just use the traditional way, grab a Windows ISO and get it registered, add the proper drivers listed in the docs, and proceed? It will be fine in 4.2?

I think the VM I have resets after an hour because it says it is not authorized.

You mean some proprietary Windows license limitation, not a Qube OS issue?

I followed these guides for R4.1, they were quite good and helpful:

About R4.2: I have not tried it, also R4.2 does not officially exists yet. But you can try, I would not expect major differences.