Best way to create a Kali Qube?

I am new to Qubes, and was wondering what is the best way to create a kali qube? From the searching it looks as if there may be a kali template? Can also be done using Katooliin. I am not an IT pro so some explination may be required or a link pointing to instructions. Are you able to just download the kali ISO and install it in qubes like you would in virtualbox or something, or load it live?

not really kali linux have a template

that a automated way to do that

yes, but keep in mind it won’t be integrated to qubes environment (by default), just like a vm (here is how to integrate and tool)

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-Try ParrotOS

ParrotOS vs Kali Linux: Hardware Requirements

Parrot OS Kali
No Graphical Acceleration Required Graphical Acceleration Required
320mb RAM 1GB RAM
1GHZ dual-core CPU 1GHZ dual-core CPU
Can boot in legacy and UEFI Can boot in legacy and UEFI
16GB of hard disk space 20GB of hard disk space

ParrotOS vs Kali Linux: Hacking Tools

When it comes to general tools and functional features, ParrotOS takes the prize when compared to Kali Linux. ParrotOS has all the tools that are available in Kali Linux and also adds its own tools. There are several tools you will find on ParrotOS that is not found on Kali Linux. Let’s look at a few such tools.

We see that ParrotOS definitely wins against Kali Linux when it comes to hardware requirements due to its lightweight nature. Not only does it require lesser RAM to function properly, but the full installation is also pretty lightweight; thanks to the use of the Matte-Desktop-Environment by the developers. If you have an older hardware configuration, ParrotOS should definitely be your choice.

                                                              - Berkeley
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I provide pre-built Parrot template here

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yea, parrot is better, right now i’m typing this from live parrot os disk

Cool, thats actually what I am using right now. Just not in Qubes. So I am new to Qubes and really have just poked around after installing it so I have not figured out how to install a template yet. So if I install a parrot template like you are talking about, it will be installed so everytime I boot up it is there and I can create Qubes off of that template? Does that sound correct?
Second question regarding the parrot template and Qubes. From what I read last Qubes OS is not anti-forensic, so then the qube is not loading from RAM right? Now if you are creating a disposable qube from the template when you are finished and close the qube is it securely deleted or shredded or is it still left in memory? Dont know if there have been any updates from the things I have read. Thanks for the help.



there still many thing left, not on memory but log and many thing more in dom0 disk