Best video driver for Qubes

Still trying to figure out what video card works best with Qubes… So far my favorite is Intel Xe (much much better than UHD on 10th gen intel was quite a slideshow under a heavy load). But I have no idea how AMD stands there. Do modern Ryzens outperform it?

Well you are in luck!
I am about to buy a ton of different cards to test in GPU server.
I can test up to 4 GPU’s at a time!

So I know Intel will give us 4 on loan (dotn eve know what it is)
Nvidia is going to loan me 3-4 a100’s to use for my Qubes-OS prez.
(also talking with team to create Xen village to show case our experiments)

AMD has not answered we don’t have contact but scheduled meeting for CES with VP.

Anything else I am buying 1 of and a ton of k80’s I am having modified in japan.

What do you wanna buy?
I can get it and try it out!
works we keep and report
docent we report and we return

let me know this will help my research team come to a conclusion.
on what to buy first
create order spreadsheet!


Do Qubes OS even utilize GPU in any sort of way by default? I thought all the graphics were generated by the CPU?