Best ram for qubes?

I’m very interested in having as much stability as possible. If there’s an error of any kind that ends up causing my connection to drop, all of the identities I use in various qubes could be linked, regardless of their net qube setup.

With my minimal understanding of hardware, I would think what I would want is both ECC and buffered/registered. Is this correct?

You could use them if the CPU and motherboard supports it, but they are costly and difficult to acquire.

Your concern here is about networking, not RAM stability, so at the very minimum I suggest you use Ethernet cables and a UPS for your modem/router. In your case, redundancy is more important.

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No joke. I can’t find ECC buffered RAM for a laptop anywhere.

I am doing that. What I’m trying to say though, is that my concern is about RAM stability because it’s about networking. If there is a RAM error that causes my system to reboot, its just as good as if I disconnected from all my connections at the same instant.

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Sure, I understand. In this case, you will want to use a desktop instead of a laptop. As you probably already know, ECC RAM is often found in servers or workstations, but they can still potentially be used in desktops.