Best Position to Install NordVPN or other VPN

In your opinion, thinking about privacy, where NordVPN or other VPN application should be installed?

TemplateVM debian-11?
or in the AppVMs?

The idea is to make all traffic that uses USB Wifi Dongle pass throw VPN.
In case of two USB Wifi Dongle, the #1 should use NordVPN and #2 should use, for example, protonvpn.

Qubes provides security through compartmentalization. Following this principle, you achieve the highest security by separating everything.

Therefore, a dedicated VPN qube is preferable:

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Did you even bother to read the official documentation?

  1. go to Documentation | Qubes OS

  2. Ctrl+f for “How to set up a ProxyVM as a VPN Gateway”

  3. implement it

  4. next time search the official documentation

  5. stop using commercial vpns and create your own

Yes, I have read Documentation.
Please, learn how to read and interpret texts and after that read my post again to note that I’m raising a discussion and asking opinions.
PS: The post is in General Discussion sector, not in User Support.

That’s a interest point of view.
Maybe for a private investigator use qubes for different profiles and VPN installed in a TemplateVM should be an usage way.