Best Management Software for Maximizing Efficiency in Qubes OS?

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I’ve been using Qubes OS for a while now and I absolutely love its security and compartmentalization features. However, I’ve been facing some challenges when it comes to managing and organizing my different qubes effectively. It can be quite overwhelming to keep track of all the applications, files, and activities across multiple qubes.

To streamline my workflow and enhance efficiency, I’ve been considering using a management software specifically designed for Qubes OS. I’ve heard that such software can provide a centralized interface to manage and monitor qubes, simplify navigation between different domains, and optimize resource allocation.

I would love to hear from the community about their experiences with Qubes OS management software. Which management software have you found to be the most effective for organizing and maintaining your qubes? What features or functionalities do you find essential in a management software for Qubes OS?

Here are a few specific questions I have:

Are there any open-source management software options available for Qubes OS?
How user-friendly are these management software tools? Do they require advanced technical knowledge?
Are there any notable differences between various management software in terms of performance, security, or integration with Qubes OS?

Do these software tools offer any additional features beyond basic qube management, such as resource monitoring, automatic updates, or integration with other software?
Please feel free to share your personal recommendations, tips, or any insights you have gained from your own experiences. Any information or advice on the best management software for Qubes OS would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you all in advance for your help and support. Let’s continue making the most out of our Qubes OS experience together!

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I use the integrated salt which is already configured and used by dom0 to configure the Qubes.

In order to deploy files and install packages, it’s really easy to understand I suppose.

See some resources:


The Qube Manager handles some of these functions, but as far as I know, there isn’t any management software of the type you’re describing that’s made specifically for Qubes OS. For example, it sounds like one feature you’d expect from such software would be the ability to search for a specific filename and have that search look inside of all of your individual qubes to locate that file. There’s nothing that does this, as far as I know. Someone could write such software, sure, but it’s also worth thinking about why it doesn’t already exist and how people have been using Qubes OS successfully without it.

If you think of Qubes OS as a way to have a different laptop for each area of your digital life (but without the impracticality of handling that many different physical devices), then it begins to make more sense why such overarching management software doesn’t exist. After all, if you really did have a dozen different laptops, there would be no way for you to search for a specific file across all of them at the same time. You’d have to run that search individually on each laptop. But, realistically, you’d probably never have to do that, because you’d just designate each laptop for a specific purpose. For example, you might have one laptop for your finances, and you might put a physical label on that laptop that says “finances” or just remember that it’s “the blue X brand laptop” or something. Likewise for all other laptops. Then, when you need to find an old tax return, for example, you’d automatically know which laptop it’s on (or at least narrow it down quite a lot).

So, my advice would be to come up with some sort of organization and naming scheme for your qubes. That way, you’ll know which individual qube you need for a given task. For more detailed ideas and examples of how this can be done, have a look here:

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I’ve been using Qubes OS for a while now, and I gotta say, it’s awesome! For managing efficiency, I rely on XFCE with some handy shortcuts. Keeps things smooth and simple.

Hey there! So, when it comes to maximizing efficiency on Qubes OS, I’d say the best management software is the one that suits your specific needs and workflow. For me, I’ve found that striking a balance between simplicity and functionality works best.

What @solene posted on this thread, Salt states versioned with Git or something like Git such as Fossil, is the correct way to manage qubes on Qubes OS. Anything else is reinventing the wheel.

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Using tools that don’t overwhelm you with features you’ll never use but still provide what’s necessary makes the whole experience smoother. Oh, and by the way, I’ve heard some people mention cloud hr software as a potential solution for certain tasks. It might be worth looking into if it aligns with your needs.

For administration I use Saltstack. For efficiency, I can recommend keyd. Then you have your key remapping also in all Qube-terminals. I do capslock = control, esc, and a Vim-layer like in the repo-examples.