Best Desktop to run Qubes 4.1

I would like to know the best desktops for running Qubes 4.1. That is something stable and does not require days of fiddling to get working right. I want a machine that I can install at least 24 gb of ram.

I have a Librem Mini. It was very stable with 4.0 but with 4.1 I immediately started having problems with waking up from suspend and freezing when updating dom0. Because of the issues with the mini, I took the Dell Optiplex 990 out of the closet. So far, it hasn’t given me too much problems except the display would blank out for a second on occasion (perhaps something to do with the video card) and immediately takes me to the login screen. Also 16gb is the max ram.

I have a librem 15 laptop. It has worked well so far with 4.1. The only thing is that there is normally no wifi waking up from suspend and I have to restart sys-net.

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I also noticed suspend is very broken on librem 14.
Waiting for a new qubes release.

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I also had Qubes 4.1 issues on my Librem 14. rolled back to 4.0.4 for now (my threat model allows me) and waiting for next release.

I guess it depends on your definition of best, but I have been happy with the MSI Z690-A DDR4.

I didn’t use days of fiddling, but you do need to boot a Linux livecd to install the coreboot firmware, took me maybe 15 min.

You can probably use most/all Alder Lake K CPUs, at least the i7 and i9 have been confirmed working with Qubes OS.

I’m using the i9-12900K with 64 GB memory, and for graphics I use an old nvidia 1060

I’m using the i9-12900K with 64 GB memory, and for graphics I use an old nvidia 1060

Probably overkill for me. Even my 10 year old 990 runs Qubes fairly well. I’m willing to settle for an older machine as long as it runs 4.1 reliably, has at least 24gb of ram, and can run QHD or better resolution.

It’s also overkill for me, but I hope I don’t need to replace it any time soon.

My old system was an AMD Ryzen 5 2600X and think I was using the ASUS B450-F motherboard, It also worked fine with Qubes.

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It worked fine with 4.1?

Yes, it worked with 4.1

I have only used 1-2 days with 4.1.1, but I didn’t notice any change.

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