Beginners questions

Hi. I’m sure there are already guides here that may address, at least, some of the questions I have and I’m sure some solutions may be obvious but I thought I’d ask here anyway, as a Qubes beginner who is steadily coming to grips with the OS.

How can I…

  • Set up templates with, for example, browsers configured with Arkenfox’s user.js and uBlock Origin so that any Qubes (Including disposable VMs) based on them will already have them set up from the get-go?

  • Store all my templates AND qubes in a separate hard drive from my main installation? Can I even store them in an additional third drive?

  • Set up a VPN on QubesOS, i.e. MullvadVPN system-wide and in individual Qubes? and connect Qubes to both the VPN and sys-firewall?

  • Install and set up Redshift system-wide?

  • Install and set up Macchanger to change MAC addresses in individual Qubes

  • Have a Qube connect to a VPN then Whonix (Tor-Over-VPN)?

  • Install and set up Clamav?

These are the questions at the top of my head and may have more down the road.

You have to start the (dvm-)template and modify it to your liking. Please note, that any modifications to the whonix-ws template might be reset upon update of this specific template.

Yes. See here

You will have to set up a VPN qube. See here. Then you set the network-VM of the qubes you want to to use the VPN with to use your VPN qube. The VPN qube itself should use sys-firewall.

Sorry, i dunno what that is. If it is a normal program, just install it in every template.


This is generally a bad idea. See here or here.

This is not qubes specific, i would refer to the Clamav docs.

Please take a look at the Qubes docs and try to search for your answer first. :slight_smile:

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Install it in dom0 with the command sudo qubes-dom0-update redshift -y

Here’s an excellent guide:

there’s also a nice guide for setting up Redshift… In general, if you enter the following terms “redshift #user-support:guides” in the search bar you should easily find the more polished, step-by-step, procedures for setting up particular functionalities, like Redshift, if they exist.

I would never, ever, ever, never start any browser in a qube that has term template in it’s prefs or name. Instead of this, this is how I do it. Read it all the way down from this point.