Battery life after closing laptop lid


I have Qubes installed on a librem 14 laptop and I’m used to being able to close the laptop lid overnight and have the laptop start with basically the same battery life as when I closed it. However with Qubes it seems like the battery is always dead after the night. I’m guessing this is due to Qubes not sleeping the way that normal OSes usually do.

Is there a way to fix this? I’d really like to be able to avoid having to turn the laptop off every time I put it in a bag or go to bed.

I don’t mind the security implications of letting all my Qubes know that I want them to go to sleep.

Doing the very same - and it’s working - Although it’ll drain the battery a “little” bit…

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You mean that you’re turning off the laptop between uses or that you found some other way to conserve the battery?

Closing the lid - the device went into suspend mode and after opening the lid again, it stands on the login screen, so I only have to login and move on with work.

If the akku is full (100% & I remove the power cable) it takes around 2,5h until battery life is critical - guess the device had it’s years…
But if its full (100% & I remove the power cable) and I close the lid, it will be alive for around 2 days until suspend mode drained the akku into critical battery life or it will be killed because of no power.

Your laptop probably isn’t going into suspend (S3 sleep) when you close the lid. This is either a misconfiguration or a lack of hardware support.

Alright, thank you. Glad to know that it’s an issue I can fix on my end. I’ll look into it and get back with whatever realizations I’ve come up with.

ahh yes, correct!

My librem had problems with certain RAM module (both with PureOS and QubesOS). After changing the RAM over night battery drain was much lower.

Interesting, do you remember how you did that and/or some resource that explained the problem?

The same RAM module drains more battery in L14 too.

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