Basically No Video or Audio since 4.2


Since upgrading to 4.2 (not via a fresh install) I cannot watch videos or listen to audios online, either using Firefox, Brave or Tor. Changing from debian-11 to 12 or to fedora doesn’t change a thing either.

I click play and it’s stuck at 00:00. However, I can view different frames if, say, I click on the 01:20 or the 02:32 marks. Ocasionally I get one second of continuous audio and video.

I also discovered I can get normal playback – but only for a few minutes – if I click switch user and log back in again.

VLC does work, I can watch and listen just fine.

I would appreciate some guidance :slight_smile:

Have you looked here yet? I had similar issues…it was all audio, actually, but having the audio messed up was preventing video from playing.

Upgraded to 4.2 and Audio No Longer Works - User Support - Qubes OS Forum (

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Thanks! Running those three commands fixed things.

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