Bash in dom0

sudo bash starts bash in debian and fedora terminals, but not in dom0 terminal. Would like to try Unmans tmpfs RAM disk but can not initiate bash in dom0. What is correct proceedure?

It works for me. What error did you get when you tried to run sudo bash in dom0 terminal?

It just goes to root@dom0 same as sudo -i

What’s the output of:
echo $0


So by executing sudo bash you got root in bash. What else did you expect it to do?

bash-5.2# like the terminals in debian and fedora.

The string before $ or # is just for information about the shell and irrelevant for executed commands.

and the ```

Can you describe what exactly are you trying to do? What’s the guide that you try to follow?

If you want to run the commands manually and not to create the script file in dom0 to run it then you don’t need the #!/bin/bash - it’s just information for shell which interpreter to use to run this script:

I was trying to create the script but was unable to invoke bash in dom0

But I guess you need to create the script files to use them. You can create the scripts in appvm and then transfer them in dom0:

You can run the script file in dom0 like this:
For example:

You don’t need to invoke bash in dom0 to create the script.
If you still have a problem creating script then describe your steps to do it so I can say what are you doing wrong.

OK. Thank you. I will try again tomorrow after some sleep.