BAD CSRF error when making new account for this forum

I was using a Qube I had been using all day, AppVM Whonix-ws-16 Tor Browser, and was trying to make a new account for this forum. I received the verification email and clicked the link to verify. It then sent to me to a blank page with only “BAD CSRF” in the top left corner.

I am a total newb to all of this. I searched for “bad csrf” trying to resolve the problem and learned about a CSRF attack. I then deleted the Qube and made a new Qube. After this I was able to register without issue.

I just wanted to report this. There isnt any information I can find that talks about this error in regards to this forum.

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Moved to Forum feedback

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Probably… this is just an guess… you used a different browser or a different browser-instance which did not carry the CSRF-token. Your email-client is not running inside your Tor-Browser or as an App in your dispVM, is it?

Or the link “breaks when clicked”. That happens quiet often with long links which contain token and stuff, because the email-client introduces new-lines “\n” or carriage-returns “\r”. Instead of “clicking” copy&paste the link to the browsers address field and pay attention if it is complete.

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So I guess we can dismiss this as a possible issue with the email client + forum software combination and not something that many will be affected by.

Since @lqz8793 has already been able to fix this, I think this isn’t too big of a problem.

This is possible. I used a different qube for that email account.