Backup progress bar jumps between simultaneous backups

Today I have one backup going via the GUI to a USB device and another backup going via the command line to a network drive.

I noticed that when the command line backup is writing (when the CLI displays “Making a backup… X.XX%”), the GUI progress bar starts to toggle between the progress of the GUI-driven backup (to the USB device) and the progress of the CLI-driven backup. So if the GUI-driven backup (usb) is at 5% and the CLI-driven backup (network) is at 40% it will jump to 40% then back to 5% then to 40% then back to 5% and so on.

This is under Qubes 4.1.2, linux 6.1.43-1.qubesfc32.x86_64, xen 4.14.6

I thouht I’d report this in case it’s not known (I’m happy to open an issue somewhere, not sure the right repo). It’s obviously not a big pain point for me, just thought it was interesting.

Also, a question, just for my own comfort: is it considered safe from a data standpoint to have two instances of qubes backup going at the same time?

Thanks for any help/info.

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Oh, wow, I didn’t know it was possible to run two backups simultaneously. My guess is that this being possible is an oversight. Here are instructions for reporting a bug:

Thank you!

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