Backing up qubes - extra hd question

This will sound probably very basic, but bear with me.

I’m going to buy a Librem Mini:

I am thinking of getting an additional ssd when I have it configured. While I’ve used qubes for a fair while I’ve never had an additional drive attached to it. With an additional drive installed I’m hoping to be able to back up my qubes directly to this onboard drive. I’m thinking that this shouldn’t be an issue, but is it?

Can I back up my work to this additional drive?

It won’t be an issue and you’ll be able to backup your qubes on this additional drive without any problems.
You can attach this drive to one of your qubes and mount it there and then select the mounted directory of this qube as backup destination in Backup Qubes tool.

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Excellent. I was hoping it would be straightforward so that is good to know.

Thanks for replying.