Backing stuff into a qube; then backing up that qube?

Would it make sense setting up a Qube for backups only & then backing that one up on another drive?

Not gotten around to the backup part yet, but know it is a key component that I want to work flawlessly… Hopefully across physical devices as well

You need one qube onto which you attach the storage device (or network device). So in a sense you already need a qube for that. Where you send the backup within that qube is then your choice.

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Thanks, guess that will be the standard USB Qube then!

Nope. sys-usb should almost be invisible to the user. You never need to interact with it directly. Your only interaction with it is by clicking on the “devices” widget media-removable through which you attach a storage device onto another qube.

Suggested reading: Block (Storage) Devices | Qubes OS

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Please make sure to read this too:

Edit: As others stated, using a VM’s internal storage as a backup destination is probably not what you want. Answer below assumes that a VM like sys-usb is used to attach external storage devices.

It matters most where the encryption is handled. With qubes-backup its always done in dom0, so you can send to other VMs/drives without worry.

With Wyng, its still ‘bring your own encryption’, so using an encrypted drive makes the most sense. In that case, you can see the example in the Wyng announcement post or the Readme, which decrypts the drive in dom0 even though its connected to sys-usb.