Ax201 wifi6 connection after suspend/resume and also after unloading/reloading iwlmvm

There as an a naming inconsistency issue with my ax201 wifi device, but after a recent Xen upgrade, it looks like it was all gone. So we can move to the next step :+1:

Since the device is consistent, wpa2 networks survive without manual intervention after suspend/resume and docked/undocked boot scenarios.
But my wifi6 network cannot. So i have investigated a little bit and noticed that

  • suspend/resume reproduces the problem
  • unloading iwlmvm and reloading it reproduces the problem
  • during the wifi device emits interesting logs such as it thinks a WPS PBC is in progress
  • a way to recover is to reboot the sys-net qube (and sys-firewall perhaps)

Nothing happens by itself. I thank deeply for the device enumeration fix. I guess some more effort is needed at the Xen level to cure this for wifi6.

Some highlights:
Nov 13 11:10:29 sys-net kernel: iwlwifi 0000:00:06.0: firmware didn’t ACK the reset - continue anyway
Nov 13 11:10:29 sys-net wpa_supplicant[563]: wls6f0: WPS-PBC-ACTIVE
Nov 13 11:10:32 sys-net wpa_supplicant[563]: wls6f0: WPA: Failed to select authenticated key management type
Nov 13 11:10:32 sys-net wpa_supplicant[563]: wls6f0: WPA: Failed to set WPA key management and encryption suites
Nov 13 11:10:54 sys-net NetworkManager[492]: [1636791054.5722] device (wls6f0): Activation: (wifi) association took too long, failing activation

what distro you use for networking ? my laptop use same nic and never have a problem except kernel and driver support, but everything looks good.

I am using fedora-34 for networking, which has quite recent firmware for the wifi device.

After your question I wondered if it would perform better on debian. Therefore i tested sys-net after changing it to debian-11, but the logs had the same errors and the error was reproducible the same way as it was before.

can you connect it with cli ? in sys-net run nmcli device wifi connect <ssid> password <your password> or run nmcli devicei wifi list for scanning ssid.

nmcli is yielding the same result…