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Hello, i am user of Qubes and i love it. That’s why i wanna do something for community to improve and i do this. Well, i wanna to you contribute this repository at least for improve resources and community. If this topic is wrong or something bad, sorry for that. Thanks. GitHub - samet-g/awesome-qubes: A curated list of awesome things related to Qubes operating system.


Hi @samsepu, thank you for your effort! The first thing coming to my mind is that you should somehow label/separate links leading to official docs maintained by Qubes developers. Also, how do you choose the ordering of your links?

Thank you for your time and effort but what’s the purpose of that with respect to what already exists (Documentation | Qubes OS)? I mean it seems like duplicating efforts for the same purpose which is improving Qubes OS documentation and content.

Yeah actually i know thats why i wanna contribute repository example we can do add applications (i will do this) i dont have any content except official doc. if someone gives good ideas i can edit repository.

Yes, you do:

Parrot on QubesOS - Parrot Documentation

Mullvad on Qubes OS 4 - Guides | Mullvad VPN

and everything from Qubes Community Collaboration · GitHub.

That’s a nice beginning. I like the idea of a single reference for online resources - grouped according to subject. The official documentation is very good and has much of the same material and many of the same links (ex. to github pages or other third party guides) but many of the links are dispersed throughout the documentation and not always convenient to reference. There are more links that would help fill out your page. I will dig them up and pass them along.

I also like @fsflover’s idea of marking official doc links. Maybe with a small blue “Q”?


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I believe the idea of awesome lists is to curate lists of awesome things/projects etc related to the lists topic, though to be fair the documentation is awesome too :grin:

Thanks for your work on this. I was actually posting earlier about some confusion around proxy vms (specifically vpns). Qubes tunnel seems to be the closest thing to “official” there is, but it wasnt clear to me and in the post people pointed me to two other vpn pages that others had made and I am pretty sure there are even more pages out there.
I think @necker’s “Q” icon would be quite useful, and also for instances like i mentioned above some “added context” especially for external documentation, using my example something like the proxy VM links with additional information like “last updated” or “maintained by X” (like the qubes tunnel is maintained by @fepitre who is offically part of the Qubes team, though qtunnel is categorized as “qubes community” software i think).
Anyway, thanks again for this. Maybe someday Qubes can get closer to “arch wiki” levels of documentation (as that seems to be just about one of the best documented distros out there?).

qubes-tunnel is maintained by QubesOS-contrib and this is different from Qubes community. The person in charge to make this working at release level is me indeed. This is similar to @marmarek with QubesOS directly.

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Here’s another useful guide for setting up a VPN qube.

I consider this essential if you intend to be webbrowsing: GitHub - raffaeleflorio/qubes-url-redirector: This browser extension, designed for Qubes OS, blocks and/or redirects non whitelisted URLs to another qube of your choice.

This could go under security: GitHub - unman/qubes-print

This could go in howto guides: WORKING: Guide for creating a logging qube (I.E. sys-log) - WIP

Probably several other things in the “guides” category could be put in the howto guides. The guides category is here: Guides - Qubes OS Forum


Also, bookmarks for whonix tor: GitHub - rustybird/qubes-app-split-browser: Tor Browser (or Firefox) in a Qubes DisposableVM, with persistent bookmarks and login credentials

Browsing github for the word “qubes” in repos could turn up lots of stuff too: Search · qubes · GitHub

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Which is also in QubesOS-contrib :slight_smile:

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Just a thought.

Would it be worth expanding the options for the first boot setup to include some of these options?

Awesome repositories are supposed to be more than just a collection of
links - they are supposed to have explanations of the value of what is

What is the value in linking to every part of the official docs, as
opposed to linking to the official docs, and Community doc, with
explanations of what they include?

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team.
When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.
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