Automount SD Card in Debian Nautilus

I have an SD Card qube that has my SD Card device. I insert an SD Card and use the Devices widget to attach the SD card (not a partition on it) to another qube. Therein, the partition(s) appears in Nautilus, but it does not automount when I click it - a window appears saying “Unable to access location” “Not authorized to perform operation”.

It’s clearly a permissions issue, and I can manually mount it via CLI sudo.

My question is where do I look to resolve the permissions issue?! I’ve looked through all the docs I can find and haven’t found any pointers to resolving this. All there seems to be is (unfortunately) a statement that if it doesn’t automount one can mount manually - is this really the only answer? Hopefully there is something better buried somewhere in qrexec, polkit, pam, or wherever.

If it matters, the templates are all variations on Debian 10 Minimal.


You have to use another distribution which has better drivers. I do use Parrot. You can install as my posting on GUIX. I don’t have the exact setup of your machine but my guess is 80% success. You can use any distribution you are confortable with.

Well, this is not a qubes-specific issue, but rather one with your distribution. For debian you may lookup “debian automount SD-card”

Thanks @i2p, @deeplow.

@i2p: Actually, Debian works with the fix below.

@deeplow: Well, with 2 qubes + dom0 involved, it could have been a qubes issue, which is why I asked for help to pin it down. The Nautilus error message is completely generic, and I couldn’t find anything more in any logs…

However, it turns out to be a Debian PolicyKit issue. In /etc/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d put a file (I named mine 55-mount-removable.pkla) with this content:


Hope this helps somebody else.

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