Automatically opening links in alternate VMs?

At one point I had qubes set up to open html links in another appvm using micha lee’s instructional which worked great but i guess is now a bit dated?

Now when i try to use that I get a pop up similar to the qvm-move/copy command asking which VM i want to run it in even though in the .desktop file I specified the VM?:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=qvm-open-in-vm  anon-whonix %u

The pop up is actually great in some instances, I think I get it for thunar and nautilus?, but not other apps i dont think… anyway, in an ideal world and admittedly fairly specific use case i’d like to have a desktop file that could specify a DVM and which proxy to use (I know I can create a dvm that defaults to use a proxy but just saying) but at the moment I’d settle for just being able to have it so I click on a link, lets say in a libreoffice document, and have it open in a whonix dvm? Is that still possible?


To avoid the prompt, you probably need something like this in /etc/qubes/policy.d/30-user.policy:

qubes.OpenURL * SRCVM anon-whonix allow

where SRCVM is the VM containing the .desktop file.